Management Services


High-Efficiency Painting Service


Epoxy Floor System


Management Services

We provide Management & Labor Solutions, offering Janitorial Services and Maintenance Supplies. 

We have created a management system that aims to provide quick solutions to your needs and consistent quality of our services. 

Our system makes it possible to record all work done (with photos and comments) by our team on a daily basis, where you can view the project progress in your company. You can see all the information by phone. 

SWM is open 10 hours a day for all our clients, But we have a loyalty plan called Platinum. for companies that need daily maintenance. For these qualifying companies we have: 

  • 24/7 assistance
  • backup crew
  • low supply cost
  • participation in the Maria Iracema project, transforming your company into a collaborator of environmental protection and awarded a Green Company Cell
  • Access to all SWM services with a super Platinum loyalty discount


High-Efficiency Painting Service

SWM uses automotive industry technology to deliver high-quality work in the shortest possible time for large and small projects. We have a spray booth technology where we can apply finishes, of a very high standard, to your furniture, or any other object that needs to be painted.


Epoxy Floor System

The SWM is a High-Efficiency company. certified by the two global leaders in epoxy manufacturing: 

  1. Tennant (with the best epoxy in the market for commerce and industry)
  2. EcoEpoxy (official representative in Boston, Massachusetts. The best epoxy for customizing furniture, countertops and tables) 

We started our operation with the Epoxy System in 2015 with the goal of innovating and adding value for our customers. For this we use the best products on the market, combined with the techniques developed by experts in: Dubai (UAE), China, Brazil, Michigan (USA) and Alaska (USA). All this to deliver the best epoxy flooring system to our customers!